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Amcargo Bike

Amcargo Ultimate Curve Kindergarten Electric Cargo Bike

Amcargo Ultimate Curve Kindergarten Electric Cargo Bike

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Introducing the Open Kindergarten Electric Cargo Bike: a masterpiece of modern design and functionality, designed to elevate your cycling experience. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this cargo bike boasts an elegant matte black finish that exudes sophistication.

Key Features for Open Kindergarten Cargo Bike:

- Removable Canopy System: Equipped with a transparent panorama canopy that offers a panoramic view and convenient side entrances for easy access.

- High-Quality Fenders: Featuring top-notch front and rear fenders that enhance both style and functionality.

- Luggage Rack and Accessories: A spacious luggage rack with secure straps, a chain cover, and a bell for added convenience.

- Powerful Lighting: Enjoy safe rides with two powerful LED headlights at the front and a rear light for visibility.

- Safety First: A dedicated safety belt accommodates up to 6 children, ensuring their security during the journey.

- Comfortable Seating: A specially designed children's bench comfortably seats up to 6 children, making it ideal for group outings.

- Easy Boarding: The front opening allows children to easily board the cargo bike, making the experience more convenient for everyone.

- Secure Locking Mechanism: The opening features high-quality lock hinges, providing a safe and secure closure during rides.

- Durable Design: The front box edges are reinforced with high-durability rubber rims, preventing wear and tear and ensuring long-lasting performance.

The Open Kindergarten Electric Cargo Bike combines style, versatility, and safety to deliver an exceptional riding experience. Powered by a robust motor, this e-bike offers effortless control with the help of TEKTRO's/BENGAL's hydraulic front and rear braking systems. These cutting-edge brakes reduce hand fatigue while simultaneously activating the motor stop, enhancing safety during your journeys.

Additionally, our cargo bike features the innovative Anti-Tilt steering system, providing stability and a smooth ride even on uneven terrain. The anti-puncture tires add further reliability, ensuring you're not inconvenienced by tire issues while on the road.

With a formidable 13Ah battery that delivers a range of up to 60 km on a single charge, the Open Kindergarten Electric Cargo Bike is an ideal choice for daily commuting or adventurous escapades. The user-friendly operating display enhances your riding experience, offering clear and intuitive controls.

Our commitment to quality and meticulous craftsmanship shines through in the Open Kindergarten Electric Cargo Bike. Hand-assembled at our local workshop, each component is carefully inspected to ensure a flawless product. With durable materials replacing commonly worn parts, this cargo bike guarantees longevity and minimal maintenance.

Amcargobike aren't just passionate about e-bikes; they're dedicated to promoting sustainable mobility. their roots trace back to 1992, and decades of experience inform each meticulously designed Danish bicycle. They listen to customer feedback and preferences, ensuring that you receive the best e-cargo bike your money can buy.

Every order is assembled only after it's placed, ensuring that you receive a brand-new bike that meets our rigorous quality standards. Whether you're an experienced e-bike rider or a first-time buyer, the Open Kindergarten Electric Cargo Bike is a stylish, high-performance investment in quality and sustainability.


Colour: Black frame (5 treatments containing: Paint, lacquering, antirust treatment and
anti-slip seal)
Steering: Newest “Anti-Tilt” patented steering/handlebar system with self-straightens
adjusting function. Makes it super easy to turn and steer, straightens automatically
Display: Easy and user-friendly Deluxe Digital LCD display with 6 different speed limit.
Electronic “Walking mode”: Hold down a button on the display and the bike drives up
to 5 km/h.
Motor: Powerful and robust 250W Brushless engine with latest “Low-Energy Consumption
& No Noise” technology and provides up to a maximum of 25 km/h at the highest speed
level and of course CE approved.
Battery: 36V, 9 Ah Li-ion battery – Anti-theft lock (CE, GS and TUV approved).
Charger: Smart charger that stops charging when the battery is fully charged
Gear: 6 external Shimano Tourney(SIS) gear with freewheel and a Shimano gear shifter.
Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes front and rear + parking brake
Front wheel: 20′′ Kenda tire.
Back wheel: 26′′ Kenda tire.
Tyres: Anti Puncture
Rims: Aluminium wheels with sturdy spokes.
Loading capacity: 150 kg.
Box dimensions: 91 cm. x 59 cm. (LxW)
Weight: 47 kg.
Dimensions: 214 x 88 x 126 cm.


Accessories (included):

High quality adjustable seat with shock absorber and extra comfort.
Adjustable bicycle handle with ergonomic leather handle that can be adjusted in height.
The bottom of the box is treated with anti-slip material. (Anti-slip)
Space for a baby chair.
Safety belts for 6 children (Y seatbelts).
Children’s bench for 6 children.
Front opening, so the children can easily come in and out of the cargo bike.

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