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Amcargo Bike

Amcargo Ultimate Harmony Electric Cargo Bike

Amcargo Ultimate Harmony Electric Cargo Bike

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Introducing our Ultimate Harmony Electric Cargo Bike, a state-of-the-art e-bike designed with a sleek, slim profile and a matte black finish. It features a spacious, modern-looking cargo box crafted from oil-treated and lacquered birch and poplar wood, providing ample room for child transportation. Engineered with TEKTRO's/BENGAL's hydraulic front and rear brake systems, including an electric brake system, this bike ensures minimal maintenance with maximum safety. The braking system effectively reduces the force required to activate the brakes, initiating a motor stop simultaneously for enhanced safety.

Our Ultimate Harmony model comes with the latest Anti-Tilt steering system for smooth handling. It also boasts three robust anti-puncture tires, helping you evade the inconvenience of frequent punctures. Equipped with a powerful motor and a 13Ah battery, this quality e-bike can travel up to 60 km on a single charge. With its intuitive and user-friendly operating display, you'll familiarize yourself with the bike's features in no time.

The Ultimate Harmony isn't just another e-cargo bike. It's a top-tier model reflecting modern aesthetics with its slim design, matte black finish, and oil-treated wooden cargo box. Crafted for both short and long trips with our robust 13Ah battery, this model's anti-puncture tires are perfect for tackling gravel or urban environments. You'll find the Ultimate Harmony model easy to manoeuvre; just a few rides will make you feel like a seasoned e-cargo bike rider.

Our commitment to quality is showcased in the Ultimate Harmony's high-end hydraulic braking system. Some might think that it's an overkill for a bike, but we beg to differ. The braking system offers buttery smooth slowdowns, with an added electric brake system that instantly signals the motor to stop for enhanced safety.

If you're seeking the very best from Amcargobike, look no further than our Ultimate Harmony model. Although it carries a premium price tag, it promises unrivalled joy and satisfaction. Made with Danish design principles and a focus on superior quality, this top model is assembled at our local workshop, where we meticulously review each component to ensure a flawless end product.

We promise longevity and minimal maintenance with our bikes, thanks to the special resistant materials replacing commonly worn parts. Enjoy minimal puncture issues and the freedom to traverse challenging terrains with the quality anti-puncture tires from renowned supplier Kenda. We've also equipped the Ultimate Harmony with TEKTRO TWIN/BENGAL hydraulic brakes and an electric brake system, among other high-quality components like the Shimano gear and a 250W engine system from Japanese manufacturer Dapu. With hydraulic disc brakes, the common problem of uneven steering due to years of use and lack of maintenance is a thing of the past.

At Amcargobike, our reputation for Danish quality stems from years of experience and dedication to producing the finest e-cargo bikes. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness to customer feedback, consistently refining our models to offer the best value for your money. Our bikes are assembled upon order, ensuring you receive a brand-new, thoroughly inspected e-cargo bike every time. Experience the superior quality and performance of the Ultimate Harmony Electric Cargo Bike, our personal favourite and a proud showcase of our commitment to sustainable, modern mobility.




  • Colour: Mat Black frame (5 treatments containing: Paint, lacquering, antirust treatment and anti-slip seal)
  • Wooden box: Designed in oil-treated and lacquered birch and poplar wood, which gives a timeless and modern look. With plenty of space for children
  • Steering: Newest” Anti-Tilt” patented steering/handlebar system with self- straightens adjusting function. Makes it super easy to turn and steer, straightens automatically
  • Display: Easy and user-friendly Digital LCD display with USB charger output and many different speed levels.
  • Electronic “Walking mode”: Hold down a button on the display and the bike drives up to 5 km/h.
  • Motor: Powerful and robust 250W Brushless engine with latest “Low-Energy Consumption & No Noise” technology and provides up to a maximum of 25 km/h at the highest speed level and of course CE approved.
  • Battery: 36V, 13 Ah Li-ion battery – 468WH – Anti-theft lock (CE, GS and TUV approved).
  • Charger: Intelligent TURBO charger, with reduced charging time and stops charging when the battery is fully charged, CE, GS & TÜV approved.
  • Gear: 7 external Shimano Tourney(SIS) gear with freewheel and a Shimano front gear shifter.
  • Brakes: Tektro hydraulic brakes front and rear with electric brake system + parking brake
  • Front wheels: 20″ Strong anti-puncture Kenda tires with reflection line.
  • Back wheel: 26″ Strong anti-puncture Kenda tire with reflection line.
  • Rims: Aluminium wheels heavy duty stainless spokes.
  • Loading capacity: 150 kg.
  • Box dimensions: top measurement 110cm X 72cm (L X B) / bottom measurement 92cm X 62cm (L X W)
  • Weight: 47 kg.
  • Dimensions: 222cm X 118cm X 85cm (L X W X H).
  • CE: CE marked / Approved.

 Key Features

  • Removable canopy system with transparent panorama canopy and entrance from the sides
  • High-quality front- and rear fenders
  • Luggage rack with straps
  • Chain cover
  • Bell and several reflectors
  • 2 x Powerful LED headlights and 1 x rear light
  • Safety belts for 4 children (2-point safety belts)
  • Children’s bench for 4 children
  • Step board for children
  • Quick release for quick adjustment of the saddle

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